Replacement of an old Victorian septic tank with a BIOROCK MULTIROCK solution at an old farm


Installation of a new system to service 5 properties


2 x BIOROCK-E MULTIROCK gravity system + Flow Control Chamber


This old farm is a rural domestic property and comprises a 5-house “complex” which was served by a Victorian septic tank and soak away. A range of sewage treatment plants were assessed for the site by the owners and BIOROCK was finally chosen due to the numerous advantages of the non-electric feature.

As the system is also servicing a number of independently owned properties it was important to have a zero energy and low maintenance solution. The old system was replaced with a BIOROCK MULTIROCK system composed of a Flow Control Chamber and 2x BIOROCK-E Treatment Units.

The system was installed in a large field on the owners own land and the new BIOROCK Sewage Plant was commissioned within a week with discharge to a nearby running water stream.

Project images