A Plug & play Waste water / Sewage Treatment Solution 6-8 P.E.

Primary tank

Clarifies the sewage coming from the residence by retaining oils, fats and greases and organic solids. The water passes through an effluent filter before discharging into the BIOROCK reactor.


The BIOROCK Media in the Bioreactor treats the sewage naturally with an aerobic digestion process (Secondary Treatment) and a filtration process (Tertiary Treatment).

  • No electricity required
  • Ultra-compact and discrete
  • Faster and easier to install
  • Ideal for tight spaces and small sites
  • Integrated Pump Chamber for High discharge.
  • (All MONOROCK & ECOROCK-700/800/900 Models)


The wastewater percolates through the filtering media. The BIOROCK Media is a very effective carrier material for bacteria. The BIOROCK media is highly resistant to degradation and remains extremely stable over a long term. The BIOROCK Media is 100% recyclable.

Revolutionary Technology

The ECOROCK units are packaged domestic sewage water treatment plants, providing a consistent high quality effluent that meets the highest standards. The biological purification technique requires no electricity or moving parts. As a result of this; maintenance and operational costs are particularly low, and reliability maximized. The units are assembled in durable HDPE tanks with lightweight, low profile, access covers. The plants are supplied as a complete package for simple installation. The BIOROCK units utilizes a unique fixed bio-film technology with specific functions to achieve an odor free effluent, suitable for irrigation or re-use in the grey water system. Due to the high quality of the treated effluent produced, should it be desired, it can be discharged into sensitive water courses.


Capacity PE 6-8 persons
Capacity 3000 litres
Length 3790 mm
Width 1200 mm
Height 2000 mm
Weight 469-478 kg
Volume 2000 litres
Septic tank volume 3000 litres