BIOROCK Onsite Wastewater Treatment Plant installed at a new home in Shropshire

Hello Mr. Galloway, thank you for welcoming us to your beautiful new home in Shropshire.

It is a very nice house indeed, very modern.

Thank you! Yes, we have chosen to use quality materials only. I did a lot of the work myself, and we got a lot of great new ideas from our visit to the NSBRC Centre in Swindon, where we also came across the BIOROCK System. We have almost completed the work, I have to do some final landscaping and plant a little shrubbery next to the BIOROCK Onsite Wastewater Treatment Plant and we will have finished!

Can you tell us how the selection of your Residential Sewage Treatment Plant was?

Of course! Since the plot we bought is not connected to the mains we knew from the beginning of the project that the installation of an individual Small-size Sewage treatment System would be mandatory. This aspect has been validated by the Local Environmental Agency which we have contacted. We then conducted research on the different Sewage Treatment Plants and solutions available. There are a multitude of solutions existing out there, but the BIOROCK Compact Sewage Treatment Plant caught our attention.

And what aspect did you like in particular?

Without any hesitation, the concept of domestic water treatment without any electricity or moving parts. In our research we came across many treatment plants requiring 24x7 power, which were noisy and expensive to run and maintain. We had also considered a "Traditional" Sewage Treatment solution made up of a simple septic tank followed by a large soak away, but the idea of ​​sacrificing part of our garden for the installation of this solution was a problem for us. After reflection, our final choice was on BIOROCK as we are also able to discharge the treated water to the nearby stream.

How was the installation process?

To be honest it was very quick and uncomplicated. Our contractor took care of everything.  It took them a day for the complete installation: I went to work in the morning and when I came back in the evening only the lids were visible, the tanks were already backfilled!

As you know, we are at your neighbors' home at this very moment for the installation of their BIOROCK Onsite Wastewater Treatment Plant (A MONOBLOCK-2-900 is being installed at Mr Galloway's neighbour, and it was the suggestion of the owner that we could meet Mr Galloway). With your experience with our products, what advice can you give him for optimal operation of their new BIOROCK Treatment Plant?

I have subscribed to a maintenance contract with an annual visit.  The contractor visits my installation once per year and does the necessary maintenance. It is great to have the unit checked over once per year and the cost is very reasonable. I would recommend this option to any BIOROCK owner.

Perfect, thank you very much for your time, and look forward to seeing you again when we are back in the area as our installer has many installations to complete in the Shropshire area.