Retrofit of a BIOROCK to an existing septic tank in Norwich etrofit of a BIOROCK to an existing septic tank in Norwich

Project: Retrofit of a BIOROCK-E Unit to an existing 3 chamber brick built septic tank


Location: Norwich, UK


Plant: BIOROCK-E Unit with gravity discharge to a nearby stream.


Description: The client had a 3 chamber brick type septic tank which was servicing two large country homes. The effluent was discharging to a nearby stream and causing severe pollution as well as bad odour problems. He contacted BIOROCK as he had been on our website and noted that we offered solutions for upgrading of existing septic tanks. A BIOROCK-E Unit was required and it was attached directly to the outlet of the septic tank. A filter brush unit was also fitted to the outlet of the septic tank. The installation was very challenging as the site was in a high water table area. As the excavation works commenced it became obvious that it was going to be impossible to install the system properly due to the volume of water pouring into the pit. The trench for the discharge pipe was first excavated to allow as much groundwater drain off from the installation area.

With continuous pumping it was then possible to keep the excavation clear while the unit was installed. The BIOROCK Unit was surrounded with shuttering and the unit was completed encased in concrete.

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