Old septic tank replacement to service 3 properties in Burnley

Project: Installation of system to service 3 properties.

System: ECOROCK-3000 System comprising an ST1-5000 Primary Tank + ECOROCK-3000 Treatment Unit.


The 3 properties had a 50 year old septic tank which was discharging to ground close to the roadway and was completely overloaded and failing. The owners wanted to site the replacement system as close as possible to the existing so as to minimise any disruption during installation. They also wanted to have a non-electric system as the location was quite a distance from the properties and close to the roadway. The location was ideal for a gravity discharge.

The site presented difficulties in that it was a roadside location and on a ditched bank. The installation involved removing the bank and installing an 8'' concrete base for the tank system which was secured to the base. A concrete wall surround was built on top of the base with a 300mm gap all round which was filled with smooth pea gravel.