Single chamber septic tank replaced by a compact Residential Sewage Treatemnt Plant in South West UK


The site is a retail/filling station on a busy dual carriageway in south west UK. The site had a single chamber septic tank discharging to ground and was being emptied every 2 weeks.

As part of upgrading of the service station it was decided to install a wastewater treatment plant so that the site would conform with all current and future regulations.


Installed Plant:

The client's engineers selected an above ground ECOROCK-3000 Septic System comprising an ST1-5000 Primary Tank + ECOROCK-3000 Treatment Unit. The tanks are located at a lower level allowing gravity discharge of the effluent into the system and also allowing gravity discharge of the treated water to a constructed soakaway.



The effluent profile on the site is very variable dependent on traffic through the station. The site is also severely restricted and excavation for an underground system would have been quite difficult and expensive.

The client wanted to have a reliable system with as little mechanical/electrical maintenance as possible. The aim with the new small residential sewage treatment system was also to have an installation which did not require emptying more than once per year, hence reducing desludging costs significantly. Payback period for this installation will be less than 12 months.

So another satisfied client with a non-electric zero moving parts wastewater treatment plant.

Project images