Wastewater Treatment for Institutions

The Most Economical And Sustainable Wastewater Treatment Solution

Do you have a small, medium, or large footfall at your institution? Regardless of its size, installing the BIOROCK wastewater treatment will not only save you hefty maintenance and electricity costs, but it will also save you time.

Traditional wastewater treatments often fail or have breakdowns, leading to a waste in valuable time. This doesn’t help with keeping stress levels low either.

The BIOROCK sewage treatment is cost-effective, needs minimal maintenance, and doesn’t use electricity or mechanical components – meaning it does what it does best, while you carry on with what’s important to you.


There are various benefits to having our BIOROCK system installed for your establishment, including:

  • It’s compact and has a low carbon footprint
  • It is completely odorless, meaning you can use the high-quality recycled water for irrigation (and your guests won’t complain about any odors)
  • Neither installation nor use are dependent on soil conditions
  • It tolerates variable loading conditions
  • Non-electric = cost-effective
  • No mechanical components, meaning no malfunctions, failures, or breakdowns
  • Completely silent – which is critical for places like restaurants, lodges, and hotels

Check Our High Capacity Wastewater Treatment Solutions

Biorock's Ecorock
Sewage Treatment Units
Up to 30 persons

Non-Electric Wastewater Treatment - Septic Tank Upgrade

Domestic Waste Water Treatment - Septic Tank upgrade BIOROCK offers a complete range of compact package wastewater treatment plants, denominated in "up to" 4, 5, 6, 10, 15 and 30 persons systems.

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Biorock's Multirock
High Capacity Wastewater Treatment Systems
From 30 to Several Hundred Persons

The Modular Non-Electric Wastewater Treatment system

Our MULTIROCK system is the perfect solution for wastewater treatment with a capacity of up to 30 persons. Built with our ECOROCK-5010 treatment units installed in parallel, MULTIROCK is a modular system that offers you the best purification results while being easy to install. It has been specifically designed to facilitate high-capacity sewage disposal for communities with 30+ persons.

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