Monoblock Wastewater Treatment Plant
Plug & Play Domestic Wastewater Treatment Solution

For small / medium households

MONOBLOCK, a new Generation of Non-Electric Sewage Treatment Plants

The « last one » of the BIOROCK brand is the “All-In-OneMONOBLOCK system, offering both a Primary Tank and a BIOROCK Treatment Unit in a single, extremely compact tank.

This technological innovation is available in two versions: The MONOBLOCK-2 system, equipped with a 2000 liters Primary Compartment (for Primary Treatment), and the MONOBLOCK-3, equipped with a 3000 liters Primary Compartment. These two product configurations make it possible to widen the field of application and to propose a product responding exactly to each project and according to the organic load to be treated.

The MONOBLOCK System probably best represents BIOROCK's forward-looking vision of its market.

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Advantages And Benefits Of The
Monoblock All-in-one Solution

MONOBLOCK Electrical Plants Organic Media Plants
Media Lifespan Is Up To 10 Years      
Low Operational Costs      
Minimal Annual Maintenance      
Ultra-Compact & Discreet      
Long Septic Tank Pump-Out Intervals      
Non Electric      
Long Absence Periods      

"The new MONOBLOCK system, a concentrate of technological
advantages for an economical and exceptionally reliable solution"

The Unique Biorock Media

Low maintenance wastewater treatment plant
Eco Friendly sewage treatment
Inorganic wastewater treatment

Our exclusive media is degradation-resistant, stable and sustainable - keeping the purification system working effectively over the long-term. You will exclusively find it in Biorock systems


MONOBLOCK small sewage treatment plant

MONOBLOCK-3 small sewage treatment plant

Monoblock-2 V3

Primary Tank Volume 2000 Litres
Capacity PE

Up to 6 Persons*

Weight 298 Kg

Technical Sheet

User's Guide

*depending on local regulations


Monoblock-3 V3

Primary Tank Volume 3000 Litres
Capacity PE

Up to 8 Persons*

Weight 395 Kg

Technical Sheet

User's Guide

*depending on local regulations


A Domestic Wastewater Solution Which Is Ideal
For All Types Of Houses

The MONOBLOCK solutions are tolerant to absence periods of users, and are thus suitable for both main and secondary residences. Moreover, installation of the system is possible in any type of ground, with or without ground water table.

High Outlet version available

If the treated water is to be discharged at a higher level, the MONOBLOCK system is designed to accept a small pump in an integrated pumping chamber designed for this purpose.

BIOROCK can supply a quality pump to complete the "High Effluent Discharge" of the MONOBLOCK  System, ensuring a «Key-In-Hand» solution, simplifying system assembly on site and saving considerable time during installation.

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Monoblock Small Sewage Treatment Plant Key Features

Odourless domestic wastewater treatment
Eco Friendly domestic sewage system
Sustainable wastewater treatment plant
Quiet sewage treatment plant

Non-electric Wastewater Treatment Plant

In keeping with the philosophy of the BIOROCK brand and the existing range, the MONOBLOCK system operates without electricity, avoiding any risks of failure and ensuring minimal operating and maintenance costs.

Compact Sewage Treatment Solution

The new Generation of BIOROCK Sewage Treatment Plants is positioned as one of the most compact on the market, with a Primary Tank and the treatment unit being combined into one single tank. Thus, the footprint of the MONOBLOCK solution is extremely restricted: only 6m2.

Easy Installation

The MONOBLOCK solutions are very light and delivered « ready to be installed », ensuring a simple and fast installation for a minimum of degradation of the garden. The installation of the MONOBLOCK solution can be carried out in one single working day, ensuring minimal installation costs.

Economical And Reliable

The acquisition cost of the MONOBLOCK solution is particularly competitive. The savings in the purchase of the product are complemented by those related to the operating costs of the MONOBLOCK line, which are among the lowest in the market. Running without electricity, and therefore free of mechanical parts which are synonymous with heavy maintenance, the MONOBLOCK system allows its user to realize substantial savings in terms of both energy consumption and system maintenance.

Exceptional Purification Results

With purifying performances in line with the performances of its big sister, the MONOBLOCK, the latest addition to the BIOROCK family range, is extremely efficient in terms of domestic waste water purification.

A Primary Tank Which Is Perfectly Sized

The two versions of the MONOBLOCK solution (model with a 2000 liters or 3000 liters primary settlement tank) allow it to respond precisely to the specific requirements of each application for which it is requested. With its new MONOBLOCK System, BIOROCK offers a resolutely innovative Residential Wastewater Treatment technique with a range of benefits that will delight both users and Sewage Treatment professionals.

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