Multirock Wastewater Treatment System
High Capacity Wastewater Treatment Solution

Up To 300 Persons

MULTIROCK high capacity domestic sewage system

MULTIROCK, a High-Capacity Non-Electric Two Stages Wastewater Treatment System

Do you need a wastewater treatment system catered for more than 60 persons? At BIOROCK, we have the right solution for you! Oui MULTIROCK solution is built with several ECOROCK-5000 Treatment Units installed in parallel, to offer you to best
treatment for your high capacity wastewater treatment needs.

When the ECOROCK-5000 units are installed parallel they can cater for 60, 90, 120, 180, people (P.E.) and so on.

Our ECOROCK-5000 units can be installed in parallel after the primary tank. Following the Primary tank is a “Flow Control Chamber” (FCC) and a Splitter-Box System (SB). The FCC acts as a ‘header tank’ to provide a surge of flow through the SB and guarantees
equal flow to each of the BIOROCK units. Multiple SB’s are used when it is required to split the flow in the case where more than 3 Units are installed in parallel.

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Advantages And Benefits Of The
Multirock High Capacity System

ECOROCK Electrical Plants Organic Media Plants
Media Lifespan Is Up To 10 Years      
Low Operational Costs      
Minimal Annual Maintenance      
Effortless installation      
Long Septic Tank Pump-Out Intervals      
Non Electric      
Long Absence Periods      

The Unique Biorock Media

Low Maintenance Wastewater Treatment Plant
Superior purification sewage treatment
Eco Friendly Wastewater Treatment
Inorganic wastewater treatment

This later stage of the process is defined by layers of BIOROCK media. The BIOROCK media is pretreated with enzymes in order to achieve rapid start up and to stimulate the growth of the correct bacteria type. These bacteria colonize the media in vast numbers and rapidly digest the organic waste.

The treatment philosophy has been developed around a combination of aerobic/anoxic biological degradation and filtration. The BIOROCK technology advantage is further characterized by - minimal maintenance requirements & ability to handle intermittent (seasonal) loadings. (E.g. Holiday homes, Safari Lodges, Camping Sites, etc.)

Our exclusive media is degradation-resistant, stable and sustainable - keeping the purification system working effectively over the long-term. You will exclusively find it in Biorock systems



Primary Tank Volume 5000 Liters
Capacity PE 30 Persons
Weight 680 Kg

Technical Sheet

User's Guide


Biorock Revolutionary Technology


The BIOROCK units are packaged wastewater treatment plants, providing a consistent high quality effluent that meets the highest standards. The biological purification technique requires no electricity or moving parts. As a result of this; maintenance and operational costs are particularly low, and reliability maximized. The units are assembled in durable HDPE tanks with lightweight, low profile, access covers. The plants are supplied as a complete package for simple installation. The BIOROCK units utilizes a unique fixed bio-film technology with specific functions to achieve an odor free effluent, suitable for irrigation or re-use in the grey water system. Due to the high quality of the treated effluent produced, should it be desired, it can be discharged into sensitive water courses.


Biorock Multirock Sewage Treatment Plant Key Features

Non electric wastewater treatment plant
Odourless wastewater treatment plant
Eco Friendly sewage treatment plant
Sustainable wastewater treatment
Quiet wastewater treatment plant

Non-electric Wastewater Treatment Plant

In keeping with the philosophy of the BIOROCK brand and the existing range, the MULTIROCK system operates without electricity, avoiding any risks of failure and ensuring minimal operating and maintenance costs.

Economical And Reliable

The acquisition cost of the MULTIROCK solution is particularly competitive. The savings in the purchase of the product are complemented by those related to the operating costs of the MULTIROCK line, which are among the lowest in the market. Running without electricity, and therefore free of mechanical parts which are synonymous with heavy maintenance, the MULTIROCK system allows its user to realize substantial savings in terms of both energy consumption and system maintenance.

Exceptional Purification Results

With purifying performances in line with the performances of its big sister, the MULTIROCK, the latest addition to the BIOROCK family range, is extremely efficient in terms of domestic wastewater purification.

Septic Tank Retrofit

If you already have a functioning septic tank, and just want to upgrade it, our ECOROCK treatment unit is the perfect solution. It fits most of the primary tanks on the market and will complement your septic tank perfectly.

MULTIROCK high capacity domestic sewage system

High Outlet version available

If the treated water is to be discharged at a higher level, the ECOROCK system is designed to accept a small pump in an integrated pumping chamber designed for this purpose.

BIOROCK can supply a quality pump to complete the "High Effluent Discharge" of the ECOROCK  System, ensuring a «Key-In-Hand» solution, simplifying system assembly on site and saving considerable time during installation.

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