BIOROCK-E for 15 persons in Sandbach

BIOROCK-E for 15 persons in Sandbach


Sandbach, Cheshire


Barn Conversion into several separate 2 and 3 bedroom units.


BIOROCK-E Gravity System with ST1-5000 Primary Tank & BIOROCK-E Treatment Unit + 160mm Aeration Chamber


The clients and their architect selected BIOROCK primarily because there was a stream running adjacent to the site into which they wanted to discharge the treated effluent and it was possible to discharge via gravity to the stream. As the plant was also located close to the outdoor seating areas it was important to have a 'silent' plant. The system also services a number of independently owned properties and it was important to have a zero energy and low maintenance solution.


The system was installed by the contractor on-site under the guidance of a BIOROCK Engineer and was completed in less than 2 days.

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